Readers ask: What To Wear With A Burgundy Sweater?

What colors go with burgundy sweater?

A burgundy sweater and black sweatpants are a great combo worth incorporating into your daily casual routine. If you feel like playing it up a bit now, introduce black and white canvas low top sneakers to the mix. Pair a burgundy sweater with navy jeans for both on-trend and easy-to-achieve ensemble.

What color shirt goes with burgundy sweater?

Riding Boots + Neutrals A V-Neck Tee in a neutral color (called ashen silver here ) pairs well with this burgundy cardigan. You can also opt for white, taupe or gray here. I decided to go lighter on the pants with white denim and finish off the look with tall riding boots in brown.

What color shirt goes with a maroon sweater?

Generally speaking I like to pair maroon with black, navy, taupe, and white for neutrals. As for color, I really like maroon with mustard yellow!

What do you wear with burgundy cardigan?

One of the best ways for a man to style a burgundy cardigan is to wear it with light blue jeans in an off-duty combination. If you wish to instantly dress down your outfit with one single item, add a pair of white and black leather high top sneakers to the equation.

How do you wear a burgundy sweatshirt?

Go for a pared down yet casually cool ensemble pairing a burgundy hoodie and khaki chinos. Throw a pair of multi colored athletic shoes in the mix to avoid looking overdressed. A burgundy hoodie and charcoal skinny jeans are a casual street style combo that every modern gent should have in his casual collection.

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What do you wear with a charcoal jumper?

A charcoal sweater and black chinos are a smart combination to add to your day-to-day casual collection. Add black and white canvas low top sneakers to the mix to instantly change up the getup.

How do you wear a burgundy V neck sweater?

Add a pair of dark brown leather casual boots to the mix for a more casual touch. A burgundy v-neck sweater and navy chinos combined together are a match made in heaven for those who love casual styles. Finishing with black leather low top sneakers is a simple way to add a dose of stylish effortlessness to this look.

What Colour goes with Burgundy?

Burgundy works well with shades of gray, such as light gray or charcoal gray. It also pairs beautifully with turquoise, golden yellow, and umber.

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