Readers ask: What To Wear Under White Sweater With Blue Stripes?

What looks good under a white sweater?

Style Tip: A white sweater will go with anything—even a plaid miniskirt. When it’s too cold to wear it on its own, throw on a pair of tights to keep you warm. Cher Horowitz would approve of this plaid mini. Style Tip: A pair of light-hued boots will easily warm up your outfit.

How do you style a striped sweater?

Wear your striped sweater over a button-down for the ultimate classy getup. Don’t forget to roll up the button up’s sleeves over the sweater to avoid clunky bunched up sleeves under your sweater. Pair with clean denim and you have the perfect outfit for Casual Friday in the office.

What can you wear under a white cardigan?

Spice up a skirt or dress with a long white cardigan. Floral dresses and skirts look great under a long white cardigan. Put on a dress or skirt, some tights, and a white cardigan to take your outfit to work and look both cute and professional. Add a black fedora to elevate this outfit even more.

What pants do you wear with a striped sweater?

If you’re searching for a casual yet sharp look, go for a horizontal striped sweater and navy ripped jeans. Step up your ensemble by rocking a pair of brown suede casual boots.

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What color jeans go best with a white sweater?

A white sweater and navy jeans make for the perfect base for a casually cool look.

What do you wear under white top?

You can wear anything under cotton. Unless your shirt is super fine knitted or you choose a light blouse, then go back to red, pink or nude. If you’re not going to the office, but to a summer party or for dinner with the girls, then you could also wear black lace underwear with your white blouses and shirts.

How do you wear striped pants in the winter?

Stripes are the perfect way to add a classic touch to any outfit and are a staple print to any wardrobe!

  1. Wide-legged Striped Pants With Camel Crew Neck Sweater.
  2. Striped Coat With Striped Jersey Top.
  3. Red and Black Striped Polo Neck Sweater Dress.
  4. Black and White Striped Sweater With Newsboy Hat.

How do you wear a short white cardigan?

Here are 5 tips to style a short cardigan sweater, let’s check it out!

  1. Tuck the Short Cardigan into Trousers or Skirts. Button up the cardigan and tuck it into trousers or a skirt.
  2. Unbutton the Short Cardigan (But Not All of Them!)
  3. As Layering Piece.
  4. Belt It!
  5. Wear It Off Shoulder.

How do you wear a white knitted cardigan?

Try teaming a white knit cardigan with a black leather mini skirt to get a laid-back and comfortable outfit. For a smarter twist, complement your look with a pair of black studded leather ankle boots. If you like the comfort look, go for a white knit cardigan and black leather skinny jeans.

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