Readers ask: How To Crochet Arms Holes On A Sweater?

How do you decrease a crochet sleeve?

When you want to calculate the number of decreases (or increases, based on your sleeve shape) for the sleeve and when to make them, take the number of stitches you begin with and the number of stitches you want to end with. Then subtract the two and divide it by the number of rows you need for the length of the sleeve.

What is a drop sleeve?

By definition, a dropped sleeve is a long sleeve that falls onto the arm and ends, in this example, by an added cuff. This sleeve also has an elbow seam, which shapes the sleeve and absorbs some of the excess value. The cuff base pattern is constructed straight (with no shaping).

Are drop shoulders flattering?

The short answer is that drop shoulder garments are not very flattering because they tend to hide/overwhelm the body underneath.

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