Often asked: How To Pick Up Sleeve Stitches In Top Down Sweater?

How many stitches do I need for a sleeve cuff?

The rule of thumb is to decrease 10% of the sleeve stitches for the cuff, and this typically gives me 108 stitches for the cuff (or 27 x 4 stitch (knit 2/purl 2) ribs – it being important to operate in multiples of 4 in order to get a whole number of ribs, as usual).

How do you top down a cardigan in knitting?

How to knit a top down sweater

  1. Start with a row gauge.
  2. Casting on: Top-down sweaters are generally cast on at the collar and neck, with markers placed at both the front and back of each shoulder.
  3. Increases.
  4. Tie off for the sleeves.
  5. Knitting the body.
  6. Picking up the sleeves.
  7. Pick up the collar.
  8. Finishing.

How do you set a seamlessly sleeve in knitting?

Simultaneous set-in sleeves use a visual trick to work. You knit the sweater body from the bottom up, to the base of the armhole. Then you put the body aside and make both sleeves, again stopping at the base of the armhole. Then you join all these pieces in what the pattern calls a yoke.

How do you finish the armpit hole in knitting?

Use the darning needle to stitch up the hole. Then weave the yarn across to the other side and do the same to close up the last hole. Voila! A nice neat underarm seam has been completed!

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