FAQ: What Is The Buttonband On A Cardigan Sweater Called?

What are button bands?

Whether or not they have buttons, not all cardigans have button bands. Sometimes the collar or band is simply a swath of stitches along the fronts worked in a contrasting stitch pattern to the rest of the body.

What does button band mean in knitting?

This involves picking up stitches along the edge of your piece, and knitting your buttonbands, with buttonholes. (In the video, we’re working with double yarn – but the same technique is used for single yarn.)

How wide should a knitted button band be?

Button bands should be tightly knit, should lay flat, should be a little bit shorter than the front edge of your sweater, and a little wider than your desired buttons.

What is a button stand?

Button band (button stand) – A panel onto which the buttons or buttonholes are sewn. The button stand can be a separate panel sewn on to the edge of a garment piece or formed from the button extension. Button through – Fastening usually at the front of a garment created with buttons and buttonholes.

Can you knit a button band separately?

When knitting bands separately from the main garment, increase an extra stitch on the inside edge of the band for sewing up. Work the whole button band first, counting the rows as you go. Pin then sew on using flat stitch slightly stretching as you go.

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