FAQ: How To Sew Pockets On A Sweater?

How do you put a pocket on a sweater?

Separate your fabrics and place each liner piece under a knit piece with right sides facing. Stitch them together leaving a small section open for turning right side out. Flip right side out, tuck in the raw edged section and top stitch all the way around your pockets. Hooray!

What is a whip stitch in sewing by hand?

A whip stitch is a simple sewing stitch that is used in crocheting, knitting and sewing, and in which the needle is passed in and out of the fabric in a series of stitches that circle an edge of the fabric. It is similar to the blanket stitch as it is a form of hand sewing stitch that helps in finishing edges.

What is a mattress stitch?

The Mattress Stitch is a finishing technique for vertical seaming. It creates an invisible join between pieces worked in stockinette stitch or ribbing, perfect for so many things, such as sewing the front and back of a sweater together.

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