FAQ: How To Knit A Top Down Raglan Sleeve Sweater?

Are top down sweaters easier knitting?

It is easier to adjust the length of sleeves, body and especially the yoke. Working top-down also makes it easier to try the piece on while working. In this lesson we show you how to work a sweater with a simple raglan increase. Start by picking the pattern you want to knit and use this lesson to guide you.

Can you knit a sweater with straight needles?

There are two construction methods you can use for knitting a sweater. You can knit it in pieces and sew it together (front, back, sleeves) on straight needles, or you can knit it ‘in the round’ on a circular needle.

Can you knit a sweater with magic loop?

In order to do this, make sure you have plenty of extra needle cord to create the loops. Julie always uses 40″ long knitting needles and knits the entire sweater with it by using the Magic Loop method.

What does a raglan sleeve look like?

What does a raglan sleeve look like? A Raglan sleeve is created with a continuous piece of fabric, extending from the collar of the garment to the underarm – often found on casual clothing and sportswear, like t-shirts, sweatshirts or sports jackets. This gives the seam a diagonal look, from neck to arm-pit.

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How do you increase Raglan in knitting?

You make 1 increase by knitting twice in the same stitch, first through the front loop and then through the back loop = 1 increase. You do this on each side of the stitch marker, thus increasing with one stitch on each side of the raglan’s middle.

What is a yoke on a sweater?

A yoke is the upper part of for example a shirt, dress, sweater or jacket.

How long are sweater yokes?

YOKE DEPTH Measure diagonally from neck to underarm — running your measuring tape from wherever the top of your raglan seam will hit you down to your underarm — and take that lower measurement from about an inch or two below your actual underarm. That’s how long you want your raglan seam to be.

Is it easier to knit a sweater top down or bottom up?

Sweaters made from the bottom up have the advantage of being knit in pieces. That means a lot of planning up front, and paying careful attention while knitting. Because once it’s seamed up, it’s hard to go back. Verdict: Bottom-Up will provide a better fit, but you can’t try it on until it’s finished.

Can you knit a sweater in the round?

Sweaters knit in the round — whether top-down or bottom-up — have their detractors. But I consider them the gateway to sweater knitting. With top-down, you can literally try on your sweater as you go, giving you absolute control over the fit.

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