FAQ: How Di I Use A Metal Sweater Cinch?

What is a sweater clip?

Sweater clips, or cardigan clips, made their debut in the 1950s and were created as a way to hold a girl’s cardigan on her shoulders. Whether you’re looking to use them to avoid a wardrobe malfunction or not, you’ll look just plain adorable with one of these clips brightening up your outfit.

What is a garment clip?

Garment clips are often used in the textile industry for keeping clothes and textile swatches neatly folded.

How do you dress up your waist?

Pinch the waist of the dress to determine how much to take in. Put on the dress like you normally would so you have a good idea of how it currently fits and how you’d like it to fit. Then, pinch both sides of your waist at the narrowest part until the waist is as tight as you like.

Can you shorten a dress from the waist?

I popped the top of the dress into the bottom with right sides facing and raw edges lined up and added a couple of pin tucks to the center of the front and back to shrink the waist and allow the side seams to match up as well.

How do you make a sweater clip?

Cut a length of chain about three to five inches. Attach each end of your chain to the hole in a sweater clip using a jump ring and jewelry pliers. You can cut two pieces of chain, one longer than the other, to make a double chain that hangs at different lengths. for a cool effect.

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What is a sweater guard?

Sweater guards are a fashion relic! They were introduced in the 50’s as an accessory to help “hold” and secure cardigans on a ladies shoulders. Whether wearing a cardigan or a caplet these little chain accessories became all the rave! Each sweater guard clips have their own name.

How do you wear a sweater pin?

If you’re wearing neither a jacket or tie you can place the lapel pin on a dress shirt. This can be positioned on the left side of the shirt, near the heart, where the lapel would usually be.

What is a cinch clip?

This practical elastic dress clip /shirt clip/cinch clip can be used on a variety of garments that need to be pulled in slightly for the perfect fit. Dresses, jackets, sweaters, and shirts. Clip is made of metal ends with plastic teeth and stretch elastic.

What is a fur clip?

A fur clip is a piece of jewelry which has two long prongs on a spring steel. This allows the decorative clip to be worn on a heavy fabric or fur coat. Dress clips, by comparison, often have a single metal clip, since they are meant to be worn on a lighter fabric.

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